About Us


Roasting and Sourcing

Our approach to roasting coffee differs drastically from our high street contemporaries, and all it all starts at the origin. Working with small family farmers and co-op producers we’re able to preserve and present the unique localised flavour characteristics of specific regions. This allows us to really bring alive the true taste of the coffee in a lighter roast profile, black currants, peaches, sweet milk chocolate, rich cocao…. the possibilities are limitless. A consequence of this quality-driven buying practice, is the reward of a price that far exceeds the fair-trade minimum and a creates a sustainable future where the farmer receives the benefit for the increased demand in a quailty cup of the good stuff.

Living wage for Baristas

A job in coffee for us is more than a stop-gap between uni and the real world. Our team share a passion for coffee quality and great service, so just as we pay our coffee farmers and suppliers a fair price for the magic they supply us with, it’s our duty to do the same for our baristas. By paying in excess of the living wage, we’re able to sustain their future in the coffee industry, empowering them to grow, train and explore their career in coffee.

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